This is why our staff are not wearing gloves and face masks

Our number one priority is to take all necessary action to combat and contain the spread of Covid-19. Delivery vehicles are cleaned on an ongoing basis with sanitizing solutions. We are communicating frequently to our staff about the absolute importance of upholding strict personal hygiene measures, including frequent and proper handwashing.

Our policies are guided by authoritative scientific experts including the National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICD) and the Department of Health (DoH) together with guidelines from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The WHO clearly advises that a healthy person should only wear a face mask if they are taking care of someone suspected of having Covid-19 or if they are coughing themselves. Masks are in short supply globally and stock which is available should be directed to medical staff treating critically ill patients and for the use by patients that have tested positive for Covid-19. Our company policy remains to discourage the wearing of masks for healthy staff. However; delivery staff are on the frontline of the pandemic and as such, we are allowing employees with conditions that may compromise their immune system and are at high risk to wear masks should they choose to do so.

We have applied a strict policy that any staff member who has a cough or fever must stay at home or must report the onset of these symptoms immediately to their manager. They will need to wear a mask immediately, return to the warehouse with the delivery vehicle and be sent home after being tested.

The WHO has also advised that the wearing of rubber gloves while working or serving customers does not prevent infection from Covid-19. You can still pick up the virus on the surface of the glove and infect yourself if you touch your eyes, mouth or nose. Based on the combined guidelines from the NICD, DoH and the WHO, frequent and thorough handwashing and regularly using an appropriate hand sanitizer offers more protection against Covid-19 than wearing rubber gloves. Our delivery staff are issued with hand sanitizer to use before and after each individual pharmacy delivery.

This is why our staff in general are not wearing face masks or gloves.

We can assure you that we will continue to be guided by the NICD, DoH and the WHO on the best precautionary measures to use to fight the spread of this virus and we will continue to take every measure to uphold these standards country-wide.

Please note, all drivers were issued with masks and gloves for if the need arises for them when they feel unwell or if a particular pharmacy requires the delivery staff to wear the masks and gloves upon entering the pharmacy.

Stay healthy!

Yours sincerely

CJ Distribution Management

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